QSL Managm.

13 OD / 000161 OD / 00044 OD 170 Hans50 OD 101 Slava74 OD 170 Hans9 OD / FC

13 OD / EC201614 OD / EC201626 OD / EC2016161 OD / EC2016


I’m the QSL Manager for some OD Activations and OD Operators.
If you would like to receive our QSL cards which I’m QSLM please send 2USD contribution + SAE to:

Mr. Dario
Po Box 1
49200 Grodkow

My Po Box is in Poland. All letters are sent to me to Germany once every two month.
So I ask all about patience. Please no QRZ on envelope!!
If you wish to receive a QSL faster please email me and I will give you my private address in Germany.

My Email address HERE

Please do not send to me IRC Coupons and Post Stamps from your country as Contribution !!!!!! I don’t accept it
Sorry I do not reply to these letters – You’re doing it on your responsibility